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Granite Carving Studio

Construction on a complete granite-carving studio at my home in Calais began in 1992. The south end of my shabby barn was dismantled, making room for a 32 wide by 40 long structure, with 18 foot ceiling, to be erected in its place. Posts and beams support a 21-foot long, three-ton capacity crane on rails, which was salvaged from the old Nativi Granite Company destroyed by fire in the mid eighties - the last major piece required. The original part of the barn, still standing, received reinforcement and a new roof and siding to match the new construction, which presents a unified and respectable edifice. Since 1993, I maintain all business relations from this fairly remote setting, often quoting projects using Fax images, and trucking stones from and to Barre and Montpelier.

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